Sunday, 8 February 2009

Brisbane action at last! And hellfires burn...

Thanks to Secular Heretic for an alert on Brisbane action.

Archbishop Battersby has written to Fr Kennedy:

  • terminating his appointment as administrator of St Mary's from February 21 (and inviting him to retire);
  • appointing a replacement acting administrator (the Dean of the Cathedral);
  • stating that he will nominate a day for baptisms to be performed to rectify the invalid baptisms;
  • stating that if he sets up elsewhere those who follow 'will not be in communion' with the Catholic Church.

The Archbishop also asks for prayers for himself and all those involved, certainly a worthy cause at this time.

Please pray also for all of those who have died (66 so far) and their families, those injured, under threat, and those who have lost homes and possessions in horrendous bushfires in Victoria. Bush fires are also burning in New South Wales.


scruplespoon said...

Bravo! Bathersby! BRAVO!!

Jakob Sprenger said...

Kudos to Archbishop Bathersby. Sadly the death toll from the fires here is now 108, with 750 homes destroyed and two towns wiped from the face of the earth (Marysville and Narbethong). Praying....

Elena said...

Please keep praying. They believe most of the fires were deliberately lit.
God Bless,