Saturday, 28 February 2009

Benedictine Ordo for week of 28 February

This week marks the start of Lent in the liturgy, so if youare usng the Benedictine Diurnal or Breviary, take a good look through the section on the 'Ordinary of the Ferial Office in Lent' (pages 190*-195* in the Monastic Diurnal) to get a feel for the changes!

Key points to note are:
  • Lauds and Vespers have special hymns to be used each day through the week (Iam Christe sol jutitiae, 191*; Audi benigne, p194*)
  • the antiphons for each hour (except Lauds and Lauds which generally stay with the 'thoughout the year ones' except for Sundays and feasts etc) are for 'Tempore quaragesimali'
  • the chapter and responsory/versicle for each hour are for the time of Lent also;
  • the Benedictus and Magnificat antiphons, as well as the collects, change each day (MD 198*ff).

Watch out especially for the hymns - there isn't a warning in the psalter section itself, whereas the texts of the antiphons etc are included in the section with each hour.

As far as the week itself goes, for once it lines up perfectly with Roman Rite EF!

Saturday, 28 November- Class III

MD 183*-185*

Sunday, 1 March - First Sunday in Lent, Class I

MD 186*

Monday, 2 March - Class III

MD 195*

Tuesday, 3 March - Class III

MD 196*

Wednesday, 4 March - Ember Day, Class II

MD 197*

Thursday, 5 March - Class III

MD 197*

Friday, 6 March - Ember Friday, Class II, Commemoration of SS Perpetua and Felicitas

MD 198*; at Lauds only for the commemoration, MD [74]

Saturday, 7 March - Ember Saturday, Class 2, Commemoration of St Thomas Aquinas

MD 199*; at Lauds only for Cm, MD [75]

First vespers of Second Sunday of Lent, MD 199*

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CG said...

Father Mark at his Vultus Christi blog has posted his own simple, moving and singable translations of the Lent hymns into English.