Saturday, 21 February 2009

Benedictine Ordo for week of 22 February

This week marks the start of Lent in the Church's calendar, with the fast of Ash Wednesday.

Liturgically however it is a kind of quasi-Lent, reflecting the relatively late addition of these few days to the season of Lent. The full 'ordinary of Lent' (including the special tones for hymns etc for Lent if you sing the Office) kicks in only next Saturday night.

Sunday, 22 February, Quinquagesima Sunday, Class II


Monday, 23 February, St Peter Damian OSB, Memorial

Lauds: MD [73]

Vespers: First vespers of St Matthias, MD (2), [73]

Tuesday, 24 February, St Matthias, Apostle, Class II

All hours: Common of Apostles (9) with collect MD [73]

Wednesday, 25 February, Ash Wednesday Class I

Beginning of Lent - Day of fasting and abstinence

Pater Noster and collect said kneeling from today until Wednesday of Holy Week

MD 180*

Thursday, 26 February, Class III - Day of penitence

MD 181* for collect and canticle antiphons

Friday, 27 February, Class III - Day of penitence, abstinence

MD 182* for collect and antiphons

Saturday, 28 February, Class III - Day of pentitence

Lauds antiphon and collect - MD 183*

First Vespers for the first Sunday of Lent MD 184*

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