Friday, 9 January 2009

A thriving new community....

The Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, a thriving new community now based in Kansas City, is up to 21 sisters with one sister making first vows and four others receiving the habit recently. Thee are some lovely photos of the event up on the Kansas Catholic blog, and picked up elsewhere. The group started in 1995 under the wing of the Fraternity, but have only recently taken the formal steps towards establishment as an institute of consecrated life with a move to Kansas City at the invitation of Bishop Finn.

The sisters' particular charism is to assist priests both through prayer and their work, and part of their plans for a new monastery building is to include a retreat house solely for the use of priests. But they also have active apostolates making vestments (in which they have been instructed by sisters from a dying Benedictine monastery) and working with young people.

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+ Ioannes Episcopus Roffensis said...

Terra, I couldn't resist sending this to the Saphic Sisters at Sophia (see "Goddess Worship in Adelaide"), with a charitable prayer that, God willing, their heretical community will be suppressed and replaced by some proper nuns like this!

Hangin' out for a reply.