Saturday, 3 January 2009

Tenth day of Christmas

Joshua over at Psallite Sapienter has pointed out that it is one of those pointless 1962isms that wiped out the octave days of St Stephen, St John and Holy Innocents, leaving us currently in 'nativitytide' for three days! So herewith a picture of St John from the Lindisfarne Gospels for what would have been his octave day.

Maybe those busily engaged in everyone's favourite activity, design your own liturgy, might instead take on the project of working out a calendar that could reconcile the OF and EF...You would have to start by restoring the proper seasons to the OF (Septuagesima, time after Pentecost, etc) of course.

And bring back a few octaves, especially Pentecost.

Wipe out the feast days of a lot of those endless confessors that clog up the EF calendar in favour of some of the newer saints perhaps?

So, I invite proposals! Maybe we should do this a week at a time???

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