Wednesday, 28 January 2009

SSPX update: An Apology **

A few interesting developments.

Fellay apologises...

First, Zenit reports that Bishop Fellay has apologised for Bishop Williamson's Holocaust denial statements, and instructed him to remain silent on these issues. He said:

"With great sadness we acknowledge the extent to which the violation of this mandate has damaged our mission," he continued.

"The statements of Bishop Williamson do not reflect in any way the position of our society."

Bishop Fellay said that until further notice Bishop Williamson has been prohibited from speaking on political and historical matters.

Zenit reports that the superior-general asked "for the forgiveness of the Supreme Pontiff, and of all people of good will, for the dramatic consequences of this act," which said were "not acceptable."

One can only say thank goodness - but it should have happened a lot sooner. Like before the lifting of the excommunications was announced, and the secular media milked the issue for all it was worth.


***I reported on a commission to facilitate this...but realised today that was actually very old news, oops, sorry! Trying to do too many things at once at the moment and the heat of these very hot summer days is getting to me...a little blogging break may be in order!

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Son of Trypho said...

Great news on the apology and disciplinary action and on the Commission - lets pray that the differences can be resolved.