Wednesday, 14 January 2009

News round-up **Brisbane update***

A few items that might be of interest!

The Brisbane saga continues... and Archbishop Bathersby's resignation has been accepted (?)

Archbishop Bathersby, you may recall, gave the schismatic St Mary's Parish a further extension, until the end of January, until he took action, and it seems they have been using the find themselves another place to utilise for their activities, courtesy of the Trades and Labor Council! This does not give the delay a good look, to put it mildly. You can read more by following the links on Cath News.

**Update - A reader has alerted me that the story made the 7.30 Report on the ABC last night. You can read the transcript (or watch the video) here. According to Fr Blake's blog (St Mary Magdalene), the Archbishop's resignation has been accepted.

If that is true (and the Cooees have certainly been hinting that this was imminent for a while), it a good strong signal that these type of scandalous situations will no longer be tolerated. The rumoured appointment, reported on several blogs, of Cardinal Pell to the upcoming vacancy in the Congregation for Bishops would be another such signal!

Certainly shows the power and value of lay activism on the traditionalist side, something that will hopefully empower others to act in the many similar situations around the world.

Pity the poor guy (the Cooees were punting for AB Coleridge of Canberra-Goulburn) who gets the job of cleaning up the mess however...**

On the positive side...

The traditional mass community in Brisbane continues to thrive. A friend up there over Christmas tells me the Sunday mass was packed, and Fr Jordan's summary of the year points to a number of highlights:

  • four weddings, four funerals and attending four priestly ordinations;
  • ten baptisms;
  • a number of new initiatives including the Witness Programme, the Catechumenate, Faith on Tap, the young people's Pro-Life campaigns;
  • two Solemn masses...and the prospect of another at Easter, courtesy of the FSSP's Fr Define.

New community of active traditional sisters

There are several new religious communities for women who use the Traditional Latin Mass around, but up until now all have been contemplative in orientation. A new group however will change this - but prospective aspirants will still have to sit down and learn french I'm afraid! The group is called the Little Sisters of the Good Shepherd, and are associated with the Institute of the Good Shepherd. They plan to follow the spirituality of St Vincent de Paul.

On the buses

An ad campaign being run by atheists in the UK is being challenged in the courts on the basis that their claims that 'God probably does not exist' can't be proved and is therefore in breach of advertising standards! An attempt to run a similar campaign in Australia has apparently been rejected by local advertisers (presumably for this very reason).

One might also question the likely effectiveness of such a campaign - because it might actually make them think about a subject they generally do their best to ignore....


Son of Trypho said...

Some news of my own for anyone interested;

I have (this week) formally reconciled with the Church, have recanted my errors, received general absolution and had my censures lifted for my apostasy.

On other matters, the CathNews comment boxes are pretty horrid - there has been some really nasty stuff in there recently.

Careful readers may note a certain priest from Bombala made a rather interesting comparison between the Tridentine communities (I assume the FSSP?) and St Mary's Brisbane - any thoughts?

Terra said...

Your return to the Church is wonderful news Son of Trypho, congratulations! I'm rejoicing for you, as I'm sure are many others, and will keep you in my prayers. What a wonderful way to start the year.

Joshua said...

Te Deum laudamus!

Great news, congratulations.