Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Catholic Summer School in New Zealand....***

Thanks to Chris of Melbourne for sending me these photos and news of another nice initiative in New Zealand, a Pontifical Mass celebrated by Bishop Meeking at the annual ten day 'Hearts Aflame' Summer School in Christchurch which ended last Sunday.

Hearts Aflame is an annual event aimed at young catholics aged 18-35, and reflects the increasing trend towards traditional liturgy, devotions and practices amongst the 'New Evangelisation' crowd.

So there was daily office (lauds, vespers, compline), adoration, Mass, workshops and lectures.

This year, some of the folk associated with Juventutem from Latin Mass Melbourne and friends assisted by running two chant workshops, arranging for Bishop Meeking to give a 45 minutes talk on the Extraordinary Form and Summorum Pontificum, and training servers etc for a Pontifical Mass in the Extraordinary Form.

The celebrant was Bishop Meeking, with Fr Define FSSP as Assistant Priest, Fr Clement Mary FSSR (formerly known as Transalpine Redemptorists) was Deacon, and Fr Nicholas Dillon, Subdeacon.

The various events received excellent feedback, so maybe it will become part of the event on an ongoing basis.....

And perhaps Australia's annual school of evangelisation might be persuaded to do something similar next year!

**Update: Just thought I'd note a link to a story on the sub-deacon for the event, Fr Nicolas Dillon, which Cath News carries an alert on. Fr Dillon grew up in Dunedin, and combines his work as a priest in Melbourne with a career as an organist performing around the world...read more here.

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Terra said...

Dean wrote:

Hi [Terra], Dean here, fellow []U student from Christchurch, currently ploughing through Greek II. I was at Hearts Aflame as a lecturer (Apologetics) and one of the panelists on the open forum Q&A session they had on the second-to-last day. I've been to only a handful of Tridentine Masses. This one was *awesome* and there were a lot of people there who had *never* been to a TLM and who now have experienced something of what they have been missing. It was really spiritually and aesthetically uplifting (as in chills-down-the-spine achingly beautiful). Hearts Aflame has always been focused on orthodoxy and giving young people the chance to be immersed in Catholic culture, teaching and prayer, and over recent years have been introducing more aspects of traditional worship.

Something people might be interested in is the fact that some years ago the St Bede's chapel was remodeled to put the altar at the side. For Hearts Aflame the planning team got permission from the bishop of Christchurch to temporarily place an altar at the eastern end and reorient all the seats (I happened to drop in the evening before the summer school started to prep for one of my talks and ended up helping shift things around). So all week the Liturgy of the Hours and the Masses were celebrated ad orientum - a nice touch.

(Dean - Nice to hear from you - apologies but I've edited your comment slightly to preserve my pseudo-anonymity (although I have to admit I'm not sure that I'm preserving it from anyone these days!]!!

Glad you got to the Mass and to hear about such a positive experience! Sounds like a wonderful event.