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Calendar for week of 18 January - Benedictine 1962 Ordo

Benedictine Ordo for the coming week, following the 1962 books!

For those using the Farnborough Monastic Diurnal, I've included page references. Please do let me know if there is more or different information you would find it useful to have included! In all cases, the psalter and propers are for the day of the week except as specified.

Saturday 17 January - St Anthony, Abbot, III Class

Lauds - Antiphons and psalms of Saturday, rest from Common of a confessor MD (78).

Collect MD [26]

Vespers - for Second Sunday after the Epiphany MD 146*

Sunday 18 January - Second Sunday after the Epiphany, II Class

As per Sunday except for Benedictus and Magnificat antiphons and Collect, MD 146-147*

Start of the 'Chair of Unity Octave' of prayers.

Monday 19 January - SS Marius, Martha, Audifax and Arachum, Martyrs, Memorial

Proper antiphon and collect for Lauds, MD [26]

Tuesday 20 January - SS Fabian, Pope and Sebastian, Martyrs, III Class

Lauds - Antiphons and Psalms of Tuesday, rest from Common of Many Martyrs MD (43).

Collect, MD [27].

[Vespers - I Vespers of St Agnes with a commemoration of the feast in the Le Barroux Ordo. Alternatively, Vespers as per Lauds instructions.]

Wednesday 21 January - St Agnes, Virgin and Martyr, III (or II Class in women's monasteries) Class

Antiphons and propers of the feast, MD [27]. Festal psalms at Lauds and Vespers.

Thursday January 22 - St Vincent, Martyr, Memorial

Lauds - Collect and antiphon MD [34]

Friday January 23 - St Emerentiana, virgin and Martyr, Memorial

Lauds - Antiphon and collect MD [35]

(Note: St Raymond of Pennafort, 3cl, in EF)

Saturday January 24 - St Timothy, bishop and martyr, memorial

Lauds - collect and antiphon, MD [35]

Vespers - I Vespers of Third Sunday after Epiphany, MD 147*

(Note: The Pope has given permission for the Feast of the Conversion of St Paul to replace the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time for this year, and the Le Barroux Ordo has adopted this for the EF as well. The decision rests with individual parishes and dioceses.)

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