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Calendar for the week ahead - Benedictine Use

I've had a request to continue providing an Ordo for the Benedictine Monastic Diurnal (and Breviary) - no guarantees, but if enough people find it useful, I'll give it a go (please let me know if you think you have found any errors)! Please note however that you can find a very useful (though not identical to the 1962 Breviary) Benedictine Ordo (in Latin) on the Le Barroux website for reference purposes.

Using the Ordo

It is worth noting I think that the Office is meant to connect up with the Mass of the day. If one lives in or near a monastery, that happens automatically! For the rest of us, unfortunately, the situation is a little more complex. So here are my suggestions on how to handle it (assuming of course that you are not bound to a particular Office or Ordo):

  • if you don't get to daily mass, use the Ordo as is;

  • if you go daily (or near daily) to a Roman rite EF Mass, adjust the feast days to match that calendar (and I've noted where the necessary changes are);

  • if you go daily (or near daily) to a novus ordo Mass, you will need to make a judgment about how to manage it. It is possible to shuffle around the feasts to more or less match - but it is a much more challenging task to do, and you will need to be very familiar with both calendars. Good luck!

This week's Ordo

In any case, here is this coming week's calendar, with page references to the Farnborough Monastic Diurnal.

Saturday 10 January

First Vespers for the First Sunday after the Epiphany:MD 140*

Sunday 11 January: II Class

First Sunday after the Epiphany: MD 142*

Monday 12 January

Monday within the pseudo-octave of the Epiphany (!): IV Class

- antiphons and psalms of the Monday

- at Lauds, Benedictus antiphon Omnes Nationes (MD136*)

- chapter, hymn etc : MD133*

First Vespers of the Commemoration of Our Lord - as per First Vespers of the Epiphany:MD 120* except for Collect MD140*

Tuesday 13 January: II Class

Commemoration of the Baptism of Our Lord: everything as for Epiphany, MD 129* except for collect, MD140*

Wednesday, 14 January: Memorial (or Class III, see note)

St Hilary, Doctor (and commemoration of St Felix, priest and martyr):

All as in the psalter for Wednesday except for the Antiphons and collects to be said at the time of the collect at Lauds only, MD[24]

Note: In the Roman calendar and Le Barroux Ordo St Hilary is marked as a third class feast. If it is desired to follow this, at Vespers use the propers from the Common of a Confessor Bishop/Doctor, MD (68, 74).

Thursday, 15 January: Class IV

feria, as in the psalter for Thursday

Note: in Roman Rite, St Paul the first hermit, Class III - see MD [23])

Friday, January 16: Memorial (Class III in Roman Rite)

St Marcellus I Pope and Martyr

As in the psalter except for antiphon and collect at Lauds, MD[25]

Saturday, January 17: Class III

St Antony, Abbot

At Lauds, antiphons and psalms of the day, rest from Common of Confessors MD (78), collect MD[26].

First Vespers of Second Sunday after Epiphany, MD 146*

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Whoa, I just found this and it is immensely helpful! Thank you so much! If you can keep providing a calendar like this, it would be most deeply appreciated. I will make sure to keep you in my prayers so that God may bless you for this great service.