Saturday, 24 January 2009

Calendar for the week 25 January Benedictine 1962 Ordo

Note: MD page references are to the Farnborough monastic diurnal.

Saturday, January 24: St Timothy, Memorial

Please pray for Sr Emma Wills formerly of Adelaide, scheduled to receive the Holy Habit at Le Barroux today.

Lauds: MD [24]

I Vespers of Third Sunday after Epiphany, MD 147*
(or for the Feast of the Conversion of St Paul)

Sunday, January 25: Third Sunday after Epiphany, Class II

Monday, January 26: St Polycarp, memorial

Lauds: MD [42]

Tuesday, January 27: St John Chrysostom, Class III

Lauds and Vespers: antiphons and psalms of the feria then as fr common of a confessor bishop, MD [43]

Wednesday, January 28: St Cyril of Alexandria, Memorial

Lauds: MD [44]

Thursday, January 29: St Frances de Sales, Memorial

Lauds: MD [44-45]

Friday, January 30: Feria

Saturday, January 31: St John Bosco, Memorial

Lauds: MD [45]

Vespers: I Vespers of the Fourth Sunday after Epiphany, MD 149*

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