Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Parramatta confirmations

These photos are from a while back now, back in June, but it seemed a shame not put some of them up since they are so nice! They are of traditional confirmations conducted for the FSSP's Parramatta apostolate by Bishop Manning.

And on a not entirely unrelated note, nice to see that the FSSP's local and international websites have been updated to reflect all of their apostolates in the region!


Jase said...

the front page still needs updating

http://www.fssp.net/index.html only says canberra sydney and parra

Terra said...

Perhpas you have an old copy stored on your computer Jace - try using the link in the sidebar (about halfway down the this page). Not only does it have all the apostolates (at least their names!), but also a space for news (notwithstanding that the current item is slightly out of date!).

Son of Trypho said...

Not related to the topic but seeking assistance/advice!

Can anyone let me know their impressions/thoughts on the Paulist Press, Ancient Christian Writers series?

I have been looking at getting some of these but am concerned about the translation quality and particularly about the commentary/exegesis. I don't want to fork out money for some modernist gibberish.

Can anyone help me out?

Traddy girl said...

I'm sure the Fraternity has enough to do without being absolutely up-to-date with the news. The internet isn't really all the important, no matter how much we enjoy it...

Adeodatus said...

SoT, I quite like the Paulist Press translations, and not all of the translators are modernists. Boniface Ramsey's Cassian translations are quite excellent. I also like the fact that they take in a large proportion of Christian tradition that wouldn't otherwise be accessible to most people.

The greatest danger lies with the Augustine translations, I haven't read, Augustine being slightly more open to misinterpretation and the focus of greater conflict than most. I am not familiar enough with the ACW translations of these to recommend them one way or the other. The CUA Fathers of the Church Augustine translations are quite good in its way, though there are some pitfalls, and some very annoying choices.

Son of Trypho said...

Thanks for the information on this. I'll take the leap and get a few and see what they are like.

If anyone else has an opinion, please let me know!

(sorry to hijack the thread terra!)