Thursday, 11 December 2008

News titbits

A few news items of interest....

Counting down to the demise of the Religion Report...

I happened to turn on the Religion Report yesterday, and got sucked into listening to a story on the role of religious organisations in running labour market programs for the government, quite a good topic to discuss I thought. Only to find myself outraged yet again as the presenter, David Rutledge (normally one of the show's producers, but substituting for suspended Stephen Crittenden), attempted to utterly misrepresent Catholic social teaching, claiming it opposed the very notion of their being a 'labour market'. I actually stopped listening, but take a look at the transcript, there are some equally outrageous comments and question directions such as on Japanese Catholic 'conservatism' in the item on the Japanese martyrs. The sooner this show ends the better.

Campion College graduation

Over at Friends with Christ Fr Alladic's has a report on Campion College's first graduation ceremony. Campion is Australia's only liberal arts college, with a curriculum stressing Catholic theology and philosophy, and the contribution of Christianity to Western civilisation. Students study some of the great literary works of all time, as well as their particular disciplines.

New Springtime

The latest issue of the Catholic Student's Association's online journal is online, and includes some nice reflections on World Youth Day, including one by Br Mannes which points to the positive effects of the event on evangelical fervour, the failure of catechesis over the last forty years and how to counter it, the value of traditional devotions, and vocations. Good stuff!

Ordo for 2009

I haven't seen the hard copy Ordo for Australia around yet (if anyone would care to provide me with contact details so interested people can obtain one, please do), but a friend sent me a link to a UK version that might help tide people over!

Human Rights Bill?

Fr Frank Brennan SJ has been appointed to head a panel to recommend whether or not we need a human rights charter. Pretty sure that he wouldn't have been my choice, but in any case, time to mobilise folks.

More evil Victorian legislation

God's been smiting Brisbane recently for reasons most of us would see as obvious, but its less clear why Victoria has escaped (so far). The Latin Mass Melbourne site has a nice article on the latest assault, the Assisted Reproductive Technologies Amendment Act, passed last week.

Christmas Mass (and New Year) times

Thanks to those who have sent me mass details so far - I'm putting those for Christmas in the side bar, but if you want to include other masses up to New Year that is fine, I'll probably do a post immediately after Christmas to remind people of these and any special events around that time.

In the meantime, if anyone can help on times for Adelaide, Parramatta, Wollongong, Brisbane or any others I've missed, please do send them in...

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