Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Following the breviary over Christmas....

Hopefully the various entries and exchanges on the breviary have fired you up for the Office! So just a few footnotes to the discussion really...


First, someone did suggest I say something about the (novus ordo) Liturgy of the Hours - but I'm afraid I'm just too rusty on it to be able to say anything much useful!

For those looking for something short and in English only, and mainly attend the novus ordo, it might be worth thinking about. But if you use the traditional calendar, I would suggest that the task of trying to reconcile feast days is just too challenging!

Reconciling calendars

In fact I thought it was worth noting that if you are trying to use the Benedictine Monastic Diurnal, there are differences to the 1962 Roman calendar - while the seasonal calendars are generally identical, there are differences in the number and level of saints days. It is reasonably easy to align them though if you choose - just use the Common of the Saints (and/or the collect from the relevant Mass) for any missing feasts!

In any case, for the next couple of weeks, simply follow the proper of the season at the front of your breviary - all the relevant saint's days are there upfront with full rubrics!

Sing Matins for Christmas!

And if you are in Sydney or Melbourne for Christmas, you can participate in the Office as it should be done, sung in a group in Church, since both are doing matins on Christmas Eve as well as a few other hours over the period of the Nativity and Epiphany).


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