Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Christmas Masses and related events

Given that now is the season when Australians take to their cars, planes or whatever and head home for Christmas. So I thought it might be useful to put up a list of Christmas EF mass times, particularly for the convenience of travellers.

So if you look in the sidebar, you will see what I've been able to find out so far. But if you are a priest whose Masses (or other special events) I haven't mentioned as yet, or a member of a congregation with some info I haven't got as yet, please do tell, simply click on the word 'comments' below, or email me at australiaincognita@gmail.com!

And of course, if you haven't any particular place to be, it is not to late to decide whose liturgy is looking the most exciting! Some though competition this year, what between Matins in Melbourne on Christmas Eve, a first EF Solemn Mass in Adelaide (I believe), and a truly dawn mass in Sydney (I'm assuming you just don't go to bed after Midnight Mass...)!


Joshua said...

Perth, at St John's Pro-Cathedral:

Christmas Eve -
11.00pm Rosary and Carols
12.00am Midnight Mass (sung)
Christmas Day -
8.30am Dawn Mass (sung)
10.15am Day Mass (sung)

Perth, at Good Shepherd Church, Kelmscott:

Christmas Eve -
8.30pm Christmas Mass

WLMS said...

Wangaratta -

Summorum Pontificum Wangaratta is hosting Christmas Midnight Mass (Missa Cantata) at St. Joseph the Worker
Catholic Church in Glenrowan to be celebrated by Fr. Terence Mary Naughtin.
All Welcome! Christmas Day Mass at 10am also at Glenrowan.

Terra said...

I've been sent the full Lewisham timetable (and it is impressive) -Christmas services in the sidebar, but here is the whole thing for those going to be within reach of Sydney cental:

Vigil of the Nativity, 24th December 2008
7:00am Low Mass
6:00pm Low Mass
9:00pm Matins

Christmas, 25th December 2008
12:00am Midnight Mass (Solemn Mass)
5:00am Dawn Mass (Sung Mass)
9:00am Day Mass (Solemn Mass)

St Stephen, 26th December 2008
9:00am Sung Mass
NO 7:00pm Mass

St John Evangelist, 27th December 2008
9:00am Low Mass

Sunday in the Ocatve of Christmas, 28th December 2008
8:30am Low Mass
10:15am Terce
10:30am Solemn Mass
12:30pm Carol Service

St Thomas Beckett 29th December 2008
7:00am Low Mass

6th Day in the Christmas Octave, 30th December 2008
6:00pm Low Mass

7th Day in the Christmas Octave, 31st December 2008
7:00am Low Mass

Octave Day of Christmas, 1st January 2009
10:30am Solemn Mass
NO 7:00pm Mass

Joshua said...

Well then, here's the lead-up to and follow-up after Christmas at the Pro- Cathedral in Perth, WA:

There will be a Holy Hour, with Stations of the Infant Jesus, and Benediction, after Low Mass on the following days as listed (omitting the usual Sunday Masses at 7.30am, 9.15am (sung) and 11.15am, plus the 2pm Sunday Mass at Kelmscott):

Friday 12th Dec. - 5.30pm Mass then H.H.&c;
Saturday 13th - 9.00am Mass then H.H.&c;

Monday 15th - 5.30pm Mass then H.H.&c;
Tuesday 16th - 5.30pm Mass then H.H.&c;
Wednesday 17th - 8.45am H.H, then 10am Mass, then Stations of the Infant Jesus;
Thursday 18th - 12.10pm then H.H.&c;
Friday 19th - 5.30pm Mass (only);
Saturday 20th - 9.00am Mass (only);

Monday 22nd - 6.30pm Mass (only);
Tuesday 23rd - 12.10pm Mass then H.H.&c;
Wednesday 24th - 8.45am H.H. then 10am Mass;

(Christmas as noted in earlier comment)

Friday 26th - 10am Mass;
Saturday 27th - 10am Mass: this is the patronal feast of St John's Pro-Cathedral, so there will be the blessing of wine (BYO) after Mass, and then a parish smorgasbord lunch at Miss Maud's, a local Swedish restaurant.

Note that on Sunday the 28th there will be in addition a 6pm Mass in Bunbury, and on Monday the 29th an 8am Mass there.

Sunday the 28th being Childermas, there will be the blessing of children after all Masses on that day.