Sunday, 21 December 2008

Adelaide Ordination and mini-blognic

Last night the Australian traddie caravan (including myself!) hit Adelaide, unusually not for a traditional rite event, but for a novus ordo one, the ordination to the priesthood of now Fr Mannes Tellis OP, and Br Vincent Magat (to the diaconate) by Archbishop Wilson.

The event itself was nicely done - a very good selection of hymns, the ordinary sung in gregorian chant, some truly excellent organ playing, and a very pretty motet influenced by the French school (Tu es Sacrerdos) composed by choir member Ronan Riley.

But I have to admit, those of us who attended last month's traditional ordination in Canberra couldn't really help but lament the loss of the rich symbolism and beauty that has been stripped out of this most important of sacraments.

Timing alone will give you a flavour of just how much has been removed from the beautiful traditional ordination rite under the reforms - last night's novus ordo ceremony took one and half hours. The Canberra traditional ordinations last month took three. The ordination of Fr McCaffrey FSSP by Archbishop Wilson a couple of years back, in this same cathedral, took three and half!

Still, one of the features of the ceremony that I did particularly like was the customizing of the litany of the saints for the occasion - lots of Dominican saints of course!

Now I know some people are very uncomfortable about bi-ritualism, but Fr Mannes has a long association with the traditionalist community here, so it was nice that a large proportion of the local traditionalist congregation attended. And a very nice gesture of solidarity to see Fr Rowe and Fr Terrance Naughtin(and some fellow Franciscans), as well as the locally based traditionalist priests attending in choir. Good also to see the Australian Dominicans out in force!

The choir for the event was made up largely of Sydney (with a few local) traddies, and I gather was also singing for Fr Mannes' first Mass today.

There were also more than a few familiar faces from Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth in the congregation.

I see it as a nice sign of the growing confidence of the traditionalist movement that events we might once have eschewed in protest are now being attended (in force even). Somewhat to the discomfort, in fact, of those who are uncomfortable at the Holy Father (and the new Prefect for the Congregation for Divine Worship's) promotion of a more traditional approach, including things such as the reception of communion kneeling and on the tongue!

Nice too, to be able to have a little mini-blognic afterwards, with Roman from Et Clamor Meus (with his cassock and surplice getting a work out, so there Cooees!), and Joshua from Psallite Sapienter on his way to Tasmania.

Mr Kwok was also present taking photos, so hopefully some high quality piccies will shortly be available to supplement my rather less than expert efforts on a borrowed camera!
In any case, do keep Fr Mannes and Br Vincent in your prayers.


Stephen said...

Good to see that they had a decent metropolitan cross at this ordination, not like the toy at St Christophers Cathedral.

And why put the 7th candle at one side of the Altar? At St Patricks in Melbourne (and now at St Mary's in Sydney the 7th candle is placed in the middle of the Altar. Is there a admirer of Piero Marini still lurking around Adelaide's cathedral, who thinks that it is essential that we see the celebrant as the star of the show?

Stephen said...

It is certainly good to see that an Ordinary Form ordination being packed out by traddies. It shows the greater maturity of the mainstream EF movement that we can move from one form of the Roman Rite to the other. This is people living Summorum Pontificum.

I would suggest that 20 years ago this may not have been possible.

Son of Trypho said...

Just curious - was my old pal, Fr Chifley OP, present?

Secular Heretic said...

This is good news.

Gregorian chant at mass now that would be nice.

David said...

I venture that the more "traditional" tone of this Ordination was down to Fr Mannes OP, rather than the liturgical stylings of the local Office for Worship. IMHO, the only good reason for an "Office for Worship" is to check that priests have maniples and birettas, and to arrange for altars to go back against the wall!

I've attended some truly Marini-ite celebrations associated with the permanent diaconate, which is pretty much under the control of a "liberated" nun and a laywoman. Indeed, Mrs O'Brien has composed some truly execrable "Alleluias" which get trotted out way too often (actually, once would be way to often) - and tuneless banal folk pap gets a gurnsey way too often, too. I've also been taken to task by bossy octogenerians for kneeling for Communion (apparrently its a Occ. Health and Safety Issue - seriously - the Vatican II generation are at serious risk of tripping over kneeling communicants as they traipse 'round the sanctuary, walking sticks in hand - I was actually told this by a bossy sanctuary lady - who kept a straight - indeed, sour face throughout).

His Grace, like Cardinal Pell, does not really have a reputation as being much of a liturgist, and I believe, for example that was he ho intruduced altar-girls to the Cathedral, a step that Archbishop Faulkner never ventured to take. He's interested in Canon Law, not the lex orandi per se.

I don't want to add a sour note to this post, and indeed, offer my heartfelt contgratulations to Fr Mannes and Br Vincent.

Just putting all this into some perspective. The Spirit of Marini has not been exorcised from little old Adelaide, indeed, as in most things, we'll be 20 years behind the times on that one!

Joshua said...

The number of kneeling communions at Fr Mannes' first Mass was quite noticeable - and two senior Dominicans were overheard saying, Who permitted all this to happen? The VII generation are a crabby lot; but orthodox youngsters are gave them a good poke in the eye over the weekend!

Louise said...

Now I know some people are very uncomfortable about bi-ritualism

This kind of thing just sounds stupid. (Not a criticism of you, Terra).

Fr Don Richardson said...

Stephen said: "and now at St Mary's in Sydney the 7th candle is placed in the middle of the Altar."

To my certain knowledge, the seventh candle has been regularly placed in the centre of the altar at St Mary's Cathedral Sydney for at least the last 28 years.

Joshua said...

And, since I've had occasion to attend and even serve Masses at St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne, on and off over the last decade, I can tell you the 7th candle is used there too when the Archbishop celebrates.