Monday, 10 November 2008

Turnbull the Turncoat

CathNews today carries the story of Mr Malclom Turnbull, the Leader of the Federal Opposition, and nominally at least a Catholic, speaking at the Australian Christian Lobby Conference last week, in support of abortion:

"Mr Turnbull said women had the right to end an unwanted pregnancy.

"It is their choice," he said."

I trust we shall shortly see his bishop speak up and, in line with the better US bishop's, deny him communion unless he changes his position.

It is, of course, far too soon to think about what this means in an election context. Still, it should be a wakeup call for Liberal (non-cafeteria) Catholics to start organizing...bring on the mad monk (aka Tony Abbott)!


Louise said...

I doubt Abbott could get a guernsey regarding the leadership right now. No, we are stuck with Turnbull.

He needs to be excommunicated, however.

David said...

Well, unless I am mistaken, his local Ordinary is the Cardinal Archbishop of Sydney, who is not usually timid when it comes to correcting this sort of thing.

It's not as though he's one of those "Catholic in name only" types, who never goes to Mass and is really just "lapsed".

With this speech, he's done the Pelosi/Biden thing of saying "I'm a good Catholic, BUT..." which really causes scandal, and calls for a big smack-down with the heaviest crozier in His Eminence's posession. Actually, I'd like to see His Eminence in his Cappa Magna on the steps of St Mary's Cathedral solemnly rebuking any Catholic who takes this position....

Son of Trypho said...

Perhaps he noted the recent US election result and noticed that, despite the US bishops teaching on abortion, the majority of Catholics voted for the pro-abortion candidate anyway. He probably doesn't want to get painted as some religious reactionary-type.

I'm sceptical that this issue can ever be addressed comprehensively until there is a massive perception shift in society - the advocates have some-how convinced many people that conception is not real life - its only when you have the baby etc.
As soon as you realise that the conceived cells are humanity you should realise how monstrous the actions being undertaken are - its peculiar that those who argue about the dignity of human life (eg. anti-capital punishment activists) can sometimes discern a difference in this instance.

David said...

The thing is, modern science tells us that from conception the foetus is genetically unique (well, except for identical twins!) and distinctively different from both the father and the mother.

How can we not know that abortion is murder? I think that's going to be a hard one for a not a few people to explain to their maker.

David said...

Here's the link to the full address:

The summary:

Sermon on the Mount (that always gets dragged out by abortionists - I cannot for the life of me see why they find it so comforting), Psalm 34 (well actually, its Psalm 33 to Catholics, but never mind!). Senator Obama, as fulfilment of Dr King's prayer (yech!) The Lord's Prayer as an alternative "to long and complex liturgies" - I'm guessing he doesn't like the EF then.... Love, love, love, social justice, difficult times, financial crisis, be frugal and live within your means...

Well, the time I spent reading that was five minutes that I shall never get back.

Turnbull is hardly a profound Catholic thinker. Even Pelosi and Biden did better than this sort of half-baked pop-theology.

Pity I can't see the Mad Monk unseating this bozo...

Terra said...

I have to admit that I've always thought the 'when does life begin' debate is just a red herring.

What we've really reverted to is the pagan mentality that gives one ownership - and disposal - rights over another. In Rome it was the Paterfamilias that could order a newborn baby to be exposed. Today, we give that same right to the mother.

We won't win this battle by pointing at science, we have to change the 'its all about me' and my rights mentality.

Marcel said...

Tony Abbott is 'pro-choice'. He agrees with legal abortion. The media loathe him because he is not enthusiastic about abortion. The Church sets the bar a little higher than mere reticence on abortion. I think it is very difficult to be a Catholic in the Liberal Party.

Malcolm Turnbull should be excommunicated.

I'll do my bit, and write a letter to the Cardinal.

Terra said...


What's your evidence that Mr Abbott is pro-choice?

While I agree with some of the commenters above that there isn't much chance of him getting the leadership any time soon, everything I've seen about him suggests that he is a committed catholic who actually does believe what the Church teaches on this (and other) subjects. As Health Minister he did what he could, but was obviousoy constrained by the limits of the possible.

marcel said...

From The Australian Newspaper 11/02/06 (A Chris pearson column, and he is a Traditional Catholic):

"Abbott's position on abortion in general and RU486 has been bizarrely misrepresented. It is neither noticeably Catholic nor even particularly Christian.

The Catholic Church is comprehensively opposed to abortion. But Abbott says he would not support withdrawing Medicare funding for the procedure, let alone any attempt to recriminalise it. He went further and invoked Bill Clinton's line: ''There's much to be said for ensuring that abortion is safe, legal and rare.''

In doing so, he departed from Catholic orthodoxy and guaranteed himself an endless stream of hate-mail from fundamentalist lobby groups such as Family Life International."

Louise said...

"I'm a good Catholic, BUT..."

We should start calling them Good Catholic Butts!

Dear me, Marcel, I'm sad to hear that the Mad Monk takes that position.

Louise said...

I said Turnbull needs to be excommunicated, but I'd settle for "whacked round the head with a crozier."

David said...

Turnbull talks love of Jesus

Anonymous said...

Is there such a thing as a Catholic politican?

And where is the Catholic poltical party in this country? I'd like to vote for it.