Sunday, 2 November 2008

News round-up

  • Coo-ees Priory (yes, some of the original boys have come back, yay!) report that on 8th December Cardinal Pell will preside at a Pontifical Mass from the faldstool at Ss.Trinità dei Pellegrini in Rome. This is the parish of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter, served by Australian Fr Joseph Kramer FSSP as parish priest;

  • There is, apparently, an upcoming FSSP ordination in Auckland as well as the ones in Canberra - presumably the Rev Mr Antony Sumich FSSP.
  • And on which subject, no details have yet been made public as far as I can find, on vital details such as times and places for the Canberra Ordinations and first masses would be helpful. Curious that the diocesan website (including newspaper) has nothing on the event.

  • Br Mannes Tellis OP is also scheduled to be ordained shortly in Adelaide. Perhaps someone could enlighten us as to the date for that one too...


Joshua said...


I will be attending and blogging about Rev Br Mannes' priestly ordination (at St Francis Xavier Cathedral, Adelaide, 6pm, Saturday 20th December - the traditional Ember Saturday ordination day), which will be also the occasion for the diaconal ordination of Br Vincent Magat, O.P.

On the Sunday, Fr Mannes will celebrate an OF first Mass in the morning, and an EF one in the evening...

Deo gratias!

CatholicConvert said...

From the bulletin: Ordinations to the priesthood of Rev Marco Rehak FSSP and Rev Dominic Popplewell by Archbishop Mark Coleridge at St. Christopher's Cathederal, Canberra, at 9:30 AM on Saturday, 22nd November, 2008.

I believe Fr Rehak will say his first mass the next day but I don't know where.

Terra said...

Thank you Catholic Convert - can I assume you mean the Lewisham bulletin?

CatholicConvert said...

I don't think so. It was a bulletin for TLM churches in the Parramatta area (I think). My son picked it up at Prospect (at the TLM on Friday). We will be going to Canberra for the ordination.

The first mass will NOT be at the Cathedral (I asked today). It will be at another church which is used for TLM. Father-to-be Rehak said that there will be a handout at the ordination about where to go on the Sunday.

He also mentioned that his mother has made all of his vestments and that she has been having some difficulty in making a stole which can double for a deacon or a priest.