Wednesday, 5 November 2008

FSSP in NZ: Juventutem workshop on the TLM

I came across a report on a workshop on the TLM for the laity run by Fr Define, regional superior of the FSSP, while in New Zealand in October. Father was relieving for Fr Rizzo, who was, I gather, off attending the Fraternity's twentieth anniversary celebrations in Rome after a stop-off in Boston, pictured below).

Juventutem Christchurch

Juventutem Australia, alas, seems to have died, but a chapter has been established in Christchurch with the support of Bishop Barry Jones and under the guidance of Bishop Emeritus Basil Meeking.

In October, they ran a weekend workshop to give people a chance to learn more about the TLM, with talks on the history and structure of the Mass, how to serve the traditional Mass, the laity's role, the direction Pope Benedict is taking the Church in and much more. It all sounds great - I'd love to hear how it went if anyone knows.

And wouldn't it be great if a similar weekend could be run here over in Oz in a few key centres...There are a few Brisbane parishes in particular that would benefit from a little exposure to the Extraordinary Form as a way of addressing their liturgical and other problems?!?

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