Saturday, 1 November 2008

All Saints

The Feast of All Saints is one of those great feasts intended to remind us that we are all called to be saints. There are of course many canonised saints who don't get a guernsey in the calendar, as well as many who do but whom we can't celebrate enough!

But I always think of this feast as focusing our attention on the many thousands of uncanonised saints, the unsung heroes who pray for us in heaven.

Think of the thousands of monks and nuns who attained sanctity hidden in the cloister over the centuries. People in positions of authority and everyday life who helped made it possible for us to attain faith and live it. Our family members and ancestors who quietly worked for God in their own way, perhaps did their time in purgatory, and now live with God in heaven.

So rejoice in the hope of salvation, and seek to be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect!

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