Thursday, 6 November 2008

All Saints' Solemn Mass at St Anne's, Bondi

Suzanne has sent me some lovely pictures of the All Saints Mass at Bondi Beach. Unfortunately none show the baldechino which is a remarkable feature of the church, but next time, and in the meantime, the pictures do give a sense of the Church's splendid architecture!

Around 65 people made the Mass, and apparently a good number stated that it was their first Latin Mass for over 40 years, and wanted to know when they could attend another. We need more of these kind of events around the place to get the word out...

In the meantime, enjoy!


Therese said...

Great photos.

CatholicConvert said...

If I had known about it, I would have gone. Bondi is not that far from here.

I will have to watch for the next one. So many people from my parish want a TLM but the priests have refused (as they are not diocesan, appealing to the bishop does not help).

David said...

Is that bearded torch-bearer Dr/Fr Paul Babie of the Adelaide Uni Law School?

I'd heard he was bi-ritual - ie he's a married priest in the Ukranian Rite but he also had certain rights vis-a-vis the Latin Rite. It certainly looks like him.

Secondly, wasn't there a big fuss at St Anne's a few years ago when some aging hippie parish priest came down with the "Spirit of Vatican II", and decided to rip out the altar rails in defiance of the local planning authorities? How did that all turn out?

Perpétua said...

Deo gratias. Thank you, Lord.