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More on the FSSP's new Adelaide apostolate and TLM there...

A reader drew my attention to the official announcement from the Adelaide diocese on the appointment of Fr McCaffrey as chaplain to the Adelaide TLM community. You can find a copy on the Trad Adelaide blog.

The TLM set to expand further in Adelaide?

The announcement thanks the current chaplain, Fr Thoroughgood and notes that:

"Father Thoroughgood leaves the position of Chaplain and will now be appointed to a hospital chaplaincy role with the Royal Adelaide Hospital."

My reader noted that there is a certain irony in this as Fr McCaffrey actually worked at the Hospital as a doctor in the Emergency Department prior to becoming a priest....

In any case, the good news is that:

"Father Thoroughgood will continue to say the Latin Mass in other locations in the Archdiocese according to the terms of the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum."

Aside from the TLM community at Payneham Rd, there are two other monthly TLMs in Adelaide, but particularly given that this is a sprawling city, and Payneham Rd is not that readily accessible to many, some further expansion of the TLM around Adelaide is clearly desirable!

And a nice article on Fr McCaffrey and the Parramatta apostolate...

I also stumbled across a nice article on the FSSP's work and Fr McCaffrey in Catholic Outlook, the Parramatta diocesan newspaper last month.

The article leads in with the announcement of Summorum Pontificum and then says:

"For Fr Michael McCaffrey FSSP, 44, a member of the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter (FSSP), this was wonderful news. Celebrating the Latin Mass had, after all, been one of Fr Michael's reasons for becoming a priest as a late vocation.

Growing up a Catholic in Mt Gambier in South Australia he had experienced what he described as "the regular parish life of a cradle Catholic".

But as an only child, his upbringing was overshadowed by the early deaths of his parents, his mother when he was 11 and his father when he was 15.

On completing school, he studied medicine at the University of Adelaide and graduated to work for years as a doctor in the adrenaline-charged area of emergency medicine.

As a regular Mass attendee (often going two or three times a week) it was not until he was in his early 30s he said that he encountered the Mass in Latin.

"When I discovered the Extraordinary form of the Mass I simply fell in love with it," he recalls today from the FSSP community house at Girraween. "Some people that I knew were rather puzzled by this, but I found great beauty in the liturgy and I became very attached to it."

He said thoughts he had entertained of entering the priesthood in his younger days now returned. "It was as if something had been missing in my life. I really felt as if I was at one of those crossroads where you ask yourself, 'Okay, so what am I going to do about this?'"...

After attending a retreat at the FSSP seminary in the US and "praying and thinking about it", Fr Michael discerned his vocation and entered the seminary for five years of priestly formation.

Returning to Adelaide, he asked Archbishop Phillip Wilson if he would consider ordaining him in the Extraordinary form of the Roman rite. The Bishop agreed to his request, and in 2006 Fr Michael was ordained a priest.

In Sydney the FSSP has two communities, one at Petersham and the other at Girraween. Fr Michael shares the latter with Deacon Marko Rehak. Deacon Dominic Popplewell lives at Petersham. Both deacons are in their 30s....

"It was at Our Lady of the Nativity Church, Lawson, in late June that Bishop Manning used the Extraordinary form of the Latin rite to confirm a number of young people who had studied their catechesis with Fr Michael.

He has also been a chaplain at Campion College and during the week of WYD celebrated the extraordinary form of the Mass for international pilgrims at St Augustine's Church, Balmain.

Fr Michael described his journey to the priesthood as a series of spiritual discoveries that "has led me to my life's work. From that sense of being led by Christ, I feel myself utterly fulfilled in His service, full of joy and happiness in all that I do in His name."

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