Monday, 15 September 2008

Trad news round-up

          OZ News:

          • Great news from Wangaratta - Fr. Leo Hynes has gladly offered himself available to offer Mass for the people in Wangaratta and surrounding districts on the 4th Sunday of each month. Keep an eye on the Wangaratta blog for times and dates!

          • Kudos to Petersham's Maternal Heart Community for a nice update of their website (finally, up-to-date contact details for the Fraternity in Sydney, thank you!), including some nice pictures, such as that from the Blessing of the Herbs on the Feast of the Assumption, below.

          • Online registrations for the Christus Rex Pilgrimage are now open, so go over and sign-up (and start getting at least a little bit fit in preparation!).

          • Please keep praying for the Abortion Law Bill in Victoria to be voted down - it passed the Lower House, but there is still a chance that the Upper House will vote it down if only for its particularly obnoxious anti-conscientious objector clauses.

          • A vote on a Bill to end Medicare funding of second and third trimester abortions is scheduled for September 17th-18th in the Federal Senate. So please, do contact your State Senators to register your support for the Bill, and urge them to vote for it. Contact details for Senators can be found here.

          • And you can find a nice interview with Fr Glenn Tattersall of Melbourne on Juventutem at World Youth Day over at Rorate Caeli. He makes a compelling case for traditionalist involvement in World Youth Day and the Juventutem movement. And he asks critics: .."what contribution are you making to the life and unity of the Church?" Something we should all ask ourselves regularly I think!

          International News:

          • The Fraternity of St Peter have done a nice update on their history and key statistics on their international site. They currently have 208 priests, 11 deacons, and 128 seminarians from 26 countries.

          • The launch of 'Usus Antiquior', a new academic journal dedicated to the liturgy takes place today (Australian time) in London. You can read more about it here, including registering your interest in subscribing (though the first edition isn't planned to be out until 2010).

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