Saturday, 6 September 2008

Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost

The focus of this week's propers is stated in the Introit: 'Blessed are the undefiled in the way: who walk in the law of the Lord'.

As in last week's Gospel, the Pharisees are closely watching Our Lord, looking for an opportunity to catch him out. This week, in Matthew 22:34-46, they ask him which is the greatest commandment in the law - and receive the injunction to love God above all, and neighbour as self.

The Epistle (from Ephesians 4) is about fraternal charity. It is an important text, since it beseeches us to practice humility, mildness, patience, mutual support and above all unity - something so often lacking in traditional (and many other) communities! In fact this would be a very good week in which to try and make a concrete gesture - whether in practical action or prayer - towards reconciliation of any old wounds still festering that you may be aware of....

The other texts are reminder to trust in God's judgment (Introit) and help
(Offertory). To remember the greatness of God's gift in calling us (Graduale), and his awesome majesty that calls forth our duty to him (Communio).

Finally, let me alert you to a very useful new site which gives great links to things related to the mass of the day, Spera in Deo. There are some excellent materials there, do go take a look (I particularly liked the newcomers guide to the TLM, and the Latin of the Mass link).

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David said...

Spera in Deo looks like a great resource. As does the Latin?English Traditional Breviary to which they link (although the breviary use the incredibly complicated pre-1962 calendar and rubrics - you know - doubles, semidoubles, etc) rather than the much-easier-to-work-with 1962 version.

I'm still hanging out for Baronius Press to release their '62 Brevarium, as well as their combined Clementine Vulgate / Douay Rheims Bible... How long, oh Lord, how long...!