Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Oz news round-up

Traddie news

  • Two graduates of the FSSP's Ezekiel House in Sydney, Michael Feng and Paul Leung, have now arrived at the FSSP seminary in the USA. Please keep them in your prayers.

  • Damonn Sypher from the Fraternity's seminary in Wigratzbad, Germany is visiting Lewisham in Sydney for two weeks.

  • The debate on the Victorian Abortion Bill is set for the week of 9th September. Prayers to prevent it becoming law are desperately needed.

  • Psallite Sapienter has a progress report on work on St Anne's Belmont, the new church for the WA traddie community - they are hoping to move in by Christmas.

  • Don't forget the Christus Rex pilgrimage in October - flyers are available!
And around Australia....
  • Progress (well a little bit) at St Mary's Brisbane - according to reports on Cath News today, the priest's managed to say one of the approved Eucharistic prayers (not one suspects No 1!) and found an alb and stole to wear for the first time in years. Of course, what is actually required is a chausable....but perhaps they don't have one? Keep praying!

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David said...

So the good Fathers have dressed up like an Uniting Church ministerettes at a "Communion Service".

Well, we are grateful for small mercies, I suppose.

I'm going to keep praying, although the provocateur in me wants to send Fr Kennedy this link:


Now there's a collection that would make St. Catherine of Alexandria proud!

Perhaps Michael Sternbeck at the St Bede Studio can help out with some chausables which would go well in St Mary's (from what I understand, it's a bit of an architectural gem, that's never been wreckovated).