Thursday, 18 September 2008

Londonistan cometh...sharia law now applies in Britain

Remember the fuss about the Archbishop of Canterbury's support for Sharia Law?

Well, apparently it has now happened. Quietly, without any fuss, the British Home Secretary has made rulings of Sharia Law Courts on disputes between Muslims legally enforceable. The Courts concerned deal with issues such as marriages and divorces, domestic violence, and disputes between neighbours (including criminal cases).

So Britain now has one law for the (rapidly growing) Islamic population. And the great treasure of its legal system, a system that has shaped that of ours and many other countries, applies only to atheists and Anglicans (well, actually they are mostly the same thing, and anyway, given that they are busily committing demographic suicide, it probably doesn't matter much), fundamentalists and the Catholic remnant: Magna Carta RIP.

It is having immediate effects on things like inheritance rights (boys get twice as much as girls) and domestic violence cases (amazingly, the women all agree to withdraw their complaint in return for the husband attending the ever popular 'anger management' course).

Let's face it, Europe is gone. What we see is just a palimpsest, the remnants of a previous age which though scrapped off and written over still peeps out occasionally, leaving the illusion that there is something still there. Canada too, where sharia law is similarly enforceable, is gone.

The only hope for restoring Christendom lies with those countries like Australia and the US that have not yet completely succumbed to the full horrors of political correctness (though both are rapidly heading that way). We need to start fighting now.

We need to start evangelizing now.

Before it is too late.

I do have one suggestion for Brits (and Australians by way of a pre-emptive strike) though. If Muslims (and apparently Jews as well) can have their religious legal systems enforced, why not lobby for the same thing for Catholics?

After all, we too have tribunals that deal with marriage issues...But of course, given the state of the English hierarchy (if you want to be depressed, go and take a look at Damian Thompson's chronicles of the efforts of the 'magic circle'), I wouldn't be holding your breath.

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Cardinal Pole said...

"If Muslims (and apparently Jews as well) can have their religious legal systems enforced, why not lobby for the same thing for Catholics?"

You raise a very good point here, Terra. Prof. Amerio argued in Iota Unum that, if non-Catholics may have a dissoluble marriage as a human right, then Catholics should correspondingly have a right to a State-recognised indissoluble marriage. See his chapter on marriage.