Sunday, 3 August 2008

The war against catholic bloggers....

Blogs are becoming increasingly important as an alternative source of news and opinion - a way for catholics and others to overcome the secularization of our culture.

But some strange things have been happening on the Internet over the last few days.

First came the news that several prominent catholic bloggers operating on blogger (as I am) in the US had been closed out of their sites while google investigated whether they were 'spam blogs'. The same tactic was apparently used against pro-Hilary blogs at a crucial point in the US Democratic nomination campaign.

Then yesterday, anyone attempting to access blogs using site meter via Internet Explorer found themselves unable to gain access (the simplest fix was to use Mozilla if you have it).

It all seems to be OK again now, but it does illustrate the frailty of the freedom of the Internet - a reminder we didn't really need given the fuss over China's censorship of the Internet at the Olympics.

I saw a number of people suggest moving off blogger to Wordpress (another standard blog hosting site) in response to the first problem - but apart from being more complicated to use from what I can see, the debacle with the IE problem shows that no hosting site is safe from attack, even if you built it yourself (unless you disdain the use of any external code at all, which is well beyond most people's computing capabilities)!

I'm not sure what the answer to all this is. It is a useful reminder perhaps that our attempts to rebuild a catholic culture will always be under attack from the enemy, and that the only sure way to victory is not to stop fighting until we reestablish Christendom...

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