Saturday, 2 August 2008

Portiuncula Indulgence - get it this Saturday!

Apart from celebrating the Feast of St Alphonse Liguorni, you need to get to a church on 2 August and pray the Our Father, Apostles Creed, and a prayer for the intentions of the Pope (as well as meeting the usual conditions of confession and reception of communion) in order to collect the Portiuncula Indulgence.

This particular plenary indulgence is associated with a Church St Frances of Assisi found abandoned, and began to rebuild (before he worked out that he was supposed to be rebuilding the Church spiritually, not physically!).

And for a little catechism on indulgences, and possibility of gaining them given the wording of the current rules, I recommend this piece by Fr Finigan.


David said...

Didn't know about this one.

I went to Mass, took communion and went to confession as well as singing the appropriate parts of the Litany of the BVM, praying the rosary, with the intention of making reparation to the Immaculate Heart of the BVM. I think I also said a pater noster and an ave Maria for the intentions of the Holy Father.

I am a convert. I know that there is only one plenary indulgence per day. I'm not sure that the First Saturday devotion is indulgenced, as opposed to having certain other promises associated with it. Did I get this indulgence, or not? Just a question for future reference, I suppose...

Secondly, on Friday night, we had a votive Mass of the Sacred Heart, with exposition, act of reparation and benediction. That is wonderful. However, I wonder whether we still celebrate the Feast of the Holy Macabees? Fr Z regularly repeats his piece on the Holy Macabee brothers, and I think they ought not be forgotten...

Terra said...

On indulgences, I think it is necessary to have the intention of gaining any relevant indulgence(s) - although one read is that a virtual intention (in your morning prayers say something like 'I desire to gain all the indulgences that I can') is sufficient provided you fulfill the other consditions (at least according to the CTS simple prayer book).

I can't see first Saturdays in the handbook of indulgences, but as you note, the individual prayers are

Only one plenary a day is possible, but several partial I believe.

On the Holy Maccabees, they are only a commemoration in the 1962 Roman Calendar, but it is certainly possible to say the appropriate mass to celebrate their feast rather than a votive mass on that day. I must admit I like them too!