Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Sydney's anti-annoyance laws found to be unconstitutional....

It seems that that thou canst indeed annoy pilgrims.....the legislation preventing protests and other acts of annoyances has been found to be invalid.

According to SBS, the co-ordinator of World Youth Day, Bishop Anthony Fisher, said earlier today that regardless of the outcome the court proceedings, he's expecting very little in the way of protests during this week's festivities.

"Even people who have been a little cranky with World Youth Day or have their own other issues, whatever they are, will be swept along by the beauty and joy of these young people and their goodness, and they'll just want to be part of that."However Bishop Fisher remained supportive of the right for peaceful protest and denied any action would require police intervention or special laws."

Opening mass

Meanwhile, the opening Mass is currently in progress. From the little bits of it that I've seen so far (and I missed the beginning), my curmudgeonliness may be in danger of returning. Let's just say it is of no (positive) interest to either reform of the reform advocates or traddies...so don't expect any more posts on it!

Hmmm, pity the anti-annoyance laws aren't available to use for complaints about schmaltz....

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