Saturday, 26 July 2008

Pretty WYD piccies can lead to sanctification too...

An official report on Juventutem is now online.

And it includes a quote from Fr de Malleray FSSP that I've been contemplating blogging on, and since it is now in writing shall resist no longer! He:

"...reminded the pilgrims of the fact our liturgical charism would be justified according to the fruits of sanctification it would bring in our lives and in the world. The objective beauty of the liturgical program offered by Juventutem in Australia was not to remain in the future only as striking pictures on our websites and blogs but had to foster an always deeper knowledge and love of God and of his Church."

Now I'd certainly urge everyone to consider setting up Juventutem chapters as he was suggesting. But I do think the role of blogs and pictures need to be defended!

Pictures are first of all reminders - reminders that lift up our minds to remember and contemplate.

They are pointers to the beauty of the liturgy and the broader experiences of WYD. I think blog pictures are in fact the new holy cards! Just like holy cards, icons and other devotional objects, they can lead to sanctification.

They can incite our will to a longing for God. They can remind us of the graces we have received. They can help strengthen the fire of love of God within us.

They also often contain important doctrinal sub-texts - of the importance of the papacy, of the hierarchical constitution of the Church, the necessity of the sacraments and the importance of religious life for example. The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words is as true today as it ever was.

So by all means set up Juventutem chapters - get sound priests to give sound doctrinal talks to young people, adopt practices such as daily recitation of Psalm 42 and a weekly visit to the Blessed Sacrament. But I hope all Juventutemers who were busily snapping with their cameras will not be discouraged from posting their pretty piccies, and giving us all continuing moments of grace.

And herewith a few more 'striking pictures' for you!


David said...

Now that's what nuns ought to look like!

Not like this:

Or this:'s+lecture.jpg

Or this:

Or (heaven forbid!) this:

Terra said...

Hmmm, David, definitely not links to follow if one is in search of sanctification....

David said...

No, but the contrast between these folks and the Nuns in your post is wonderful, no? In one case, the Holiness lights up the screen. In the case of the ladies I posted, well, the smoke of satan makes one gag!

Let that be a lesson to all! I missed Mass this morning, and after seeing that, I reckon I might need a trip to "the box" before this evening's TLM. The Priest here is great like that...will hear a confession at the drop of a violet stole...