Sunday, 20 July 2008

Papal Mass - an Introit!!!

Wow! The papal mass has just started - and we are being treated to an Introit, in Gregorian Chant and Latin (sung I think by the St Mary's Cathedral choir?)! And Cardinal Pell started his welcome in Latin!

What a wonderful start.....

Kyrie and Gloria: I like the idea of an orchestral mass (the virtues of which Australian traddies are yet to discover and attempt to stage!), and I quite like the Latin (and Greek) bits of this modern setting...but I have to admit the English trophing sounds schmaltzy to me!

Still, this is clearly going to be a much more respectable affair than I had anticipated! A quick look through the missal for the event, suggests a little more sprinkling of Latin through the thing, and it all concludes with the Angelus in Latin.

Anyway, NLM is doing a running commentary, so I'll probably save the rest of my comments for later, but this looks to be a very heartening event.

Hmmm, spoke too soon...seems we can't quite escape without some half-naked liturgical dancing, albeit of the Islander variety, which is at least still preferable to last night's ballet dancers in my opinion!).

Anyway, I really will stop here, and update later, probably much later!
PS Was that Brother Mannes OP of Adelaide singing the Gospel?


No one much said...

Yes, that was Brother Mannes all right. A shame they didn't use the chant for the Alleluia: the Alleluia verses for Pentecost (old Rite at least) are some of the nicest in the calendar.

Mozart's Laudate Dominum was probably something of a delight for the Holy Father during Communion.

Anthony OPL said...

Yep, that was Rev Br Mannes OP singing the gospel. Amazing he was able to do it, considering how everyone else had completely lost their voice that late into the week.