Friday, 11 July 2008

Ongoing sagas continued....

The Anglicans

As I predicted, there are growing hints that expecting mass conversions of Anglicans may be over-optimistic.

Rorate Caeli reports that John Broadhurst, Anglican Bishop of Fulham and Chairman of Forward in Faith (representing some 800 parishes), has released a statement suggesting letting tempers cool before considering any action.

And while Damian Thompson is reporting positively on a rather grandiose proposal apparently coming from some of the Anglican bishops (including the idea that those jumping ship get to keep the real estate. We wish!!), Fr Longenecker, a former Anglican offers what I suspect is a more realistic assessment here.

Still, I have been taken aback by some of the negativity on a number of blogs in terms of whether or not we want Anglicans to convert. Although I guess I shouldn't be, since they were on a par with some of the views about the SSPX...Do keep praying.

The Cardinal...

Has according to Lateline, apparently established a fresh inquiry into the Fr Goodall affair (though it hasn't made it to the diocesan website as I write) and is refusing to comment further.

According to his lawyer, the victim just wants an apology and some compensation. The out of court settlement of the civil case two weeks ago, in which the case was dropped on the basis that each side would pay its own costs, must be one of the priciest on record for the Church in terms of bad publicity....

At least there were no new revelations.

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