Saturday, 12 July 2008

New FSSP seminary website

The FSSP have dramatically revamped their Nebraska Seminary's website, and it is definitely worth a look.

The news page has lots of pictures, and links to press conferences associated with the recent round of ordinations. The main focus, as you might expect, is on vocational information, and it looks well done to me.

But I have to admit the thing I like most is the home page's statement on what the mission of the FSSP is.

Traditional sacraments

Their main site essentially says their mission is to train priests and send them around the world, but gives few clues as to why that should be a good thing (OK, so it is kind of self-evident given the state of most diocesan seminaries and shortage of priests willing to say the TLM, but still, a little more exposition would be nice).

The first part of the new statement is consistent with what I've seen on other sites, including the Southern Cross region's:

"The Fraternity of St. Peter (F.S.S.P.) is a Society of Apostolic Life of Pontifical Right canonically established by Pope John Paul II in 1988. The mission of the Fraternity is to respond to the Holy Father's initiative through an active apostolate in service to the Church. This apostolate is centered in the particular charism of the Fraternity, which is the offering of the Sacred Liturgy, including the Holy Mass and the Divine Office, as well as the sacraments, in all of their traditional solemnity, according to the Latin liturgical books in use in 1962."

To be honest, this type of stuff has always seemed to me to be so generic as to be indistinguishable from what any diocesan traditionalist priest might say.

Catechesis to support re-christianization of the culture

The new website though, adds a little more that I found quite interesting. It says:

"In addition to operating parishes and schools, the Fraternity's mission also includes handing down the enduring traditions of the Church to the faithful through sound preaching and cathechetics.

This is an especially important part of our apostolate, for the the Church has called upon all the baptized faithful to participate in the re-Christianizing of our increasingly secular culture. The Fraternity's stress on teaching the authentic truths of the Faith is thus essential if Catholics are to respond to the Church’s mandate to make Christ known in the world. Through its own particular charism, the Fraternity carries on its apostolate in the heart of the Church, ever ancient yet ever new. "

Take a look at the site!

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