Sunday, 27 July 2008

Mass at St Anne's in Sydney

A little update, courtesy of Suzanne. No real piccies yet....unfortunately photographer Rosemary flew back to Perth without her camera! But in the meantime, the photos above by Max Dupain from the ABC's Religion Report from a while back to hold you Joshua! Others were taking photos yesterday though, so we may yet get some sooner rather than later...

Around 200 people attended the Mass and afterwards venerated the relic St Anne, though, so this was a great success, a beautiful celebration of St Anne's feast day at this beautiful church, which won the Sulman Prize for Architecture in 1935.

You can read more impressions of St Anne's over at the Juventutem blog.


Perpétua said...

I must clarify that I did not attend the Mass - I would have loved to have been there very much - but my comments were based on my experience as a young child at the church (and school), and delight in the Extraordinary form having been celebrated there.

Terra said...

Sorry Perpetua, I misunderstood your post. I've modified the text a little to reflect this!