Thursday, 31 July 2008

A liturgist's dream...or nightmare!

Everyday I get the news headlines from Cath News Australia, which is funded by the Bishop's conference. I do want to know what is happening in the Church in Australia - but I often have to swallow a few times though, and grit my teeth as I read the liberal propaganda that it often features. And this week they are really on a roll!

Apart from the usual selection of unfortunate headlines and spins, first there was an extremely positive (and very secular) review of the virulently anti-catholic new X-files movie on Monday.

And then there came today's featured website... Brisbane's 'Liturgy Lines', the website of the infamous Mrs Elizabeth Harrington, under the heading of 'The liturgist's dream'.

Alas, Coo-ees from the Cloister are no more or they would have had a field day on this one! Because as we all know, Brisbane is such a wonderful model of everything good in the liturgy....complete with invalid baptisms, lay ministers galore, syncretism and idolatry, and the obstruction of the spread of the TLM.

The site features all sorts of helpful publications - like guidelines for Sunday non-Mass celebrations (which fortunately seem likely to be abolished shortly in Australia), and documents on all your favourite topics such as children's liturgies.

My stomach was already upset, I didn't need this. Could someone please fix up Cath News?


Louise said...

Hang on. If Cathnews is funded by the CBC, why is it so liberal? It's not as if all our bishops are unorthodox.

Louise said...

which fortunately seem likely to be abolished shortly in Australia

Really? Fantastic!

Cathnews and the Archdiocese of Brisbane: nothing a bomb wouldn't fix.

Terra said...

To be honest Louise, I suspect most of it is well meaning, just not sufficiently thought through - perhaps someone saw the xfiles film talked about the church so thought, better include it? And the liturgists nightmare is on an official website..

The problem is that rather than just making it a straight newsclipping service with headlines only like Catholic World News or New Oxford Review, someone goes to the trouble of summarising the stories, making it look like they are somehow endorsed by the site.

Quite a problem when they are things like on abuse scandals etc....

Cardinal Pole said...

CathNews's bias is what makes it such a valuable resource for Traditional folk in cataloging the horrors that are inflicted on the Church, often from within. 'Discerning the signs of the times', if you will.

But some of their choices of stories are completely bewildering and could sew confusion among the faithful, like last week's article on proportionalism (see my blog for a critique).

The main news stories tend to provide a good overview of Church affairs, but the opinion links are where the bias is clearest. For instance, I have been reading CathNews daily for more than a year, but have only ever seen two links to AD2000, one of Australia's premier Catholic publications, with a very useful website.