Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The latest incarnation...Fr Qui?

The Shrine of the Holy Whapping has some exciting news:
"...in other news, a mysterious priest calling himself only 'Father Qui' and wearing a cassock and converse sneakers has been sighted in the Rome area. It is thought his appearance has something to do with reports of a flying blue confessional box seen in the vicinity of St. Peter's. The new head of the CDW has not been available for comment on this matter..."

There is speculation that the sighting may be related to the recent appointment of a new head of the Congregation for Divine Worship, who has been selected by Pope Benedict XVI with the mission of exterminating all liturgical abuse:

"...in recent Vatican news, Pope Benedict XVI ended speculation about Cardinal Arinze's replacement, announcing the new head of the Congregation for Divine Worship was an invincible Dalek warrior from the planet Sarko.

Benedict explained this move would mark the beginning of a new era of decisiveness. When asked his opinion on the future of ICEL, the extraterrestrial prelate responded, 'Exterminate! Exterminate!'

Commentators cautioned at reading too much into this statement, considering that is about the only thing Daleks say, until, when questioned about the USCCB, the new prefect responded 'Ineffable! Ineffable!'
(OK, so that last bit will only mean something to those who have been following the efforts of the US Bishop's Conference to block the new translations of the Mass - already approved for Australia and used at the Papal WYD Mass - on the grounds that the person in the pew can't understand words like ineffable).
Thanks to Fr Z for alerting us to these exciting developments....

On other extraterrestial matters, the news is not so good - Creative Minority Report is saying that the new X-files movie should be boycotted: it is, apparently, a hateful, virulently anti-catholic movie. Pity.

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David said...

Just glad you said apparently, bc it is not. Misunderstands happens all the time... Even Jesus himself suffered because he was misunderstood...