Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Idolatry in Brisbane....

The latest edition of Into the Deep contains yet another story chronicling appalling practices in Brisbane archdiocese.

This time, the problem is outright idolatry, in the form of a statue of Buddha placed directly in front of the tabernacle in St Mary's Church, Brisbane.

Richard Stokes reports that:

"For the last month or so there has been a Buddha in the sanctuary. It was at first placed before the altar, removed by parishioners, and now has found itself in front of the tabernacle once again, so one is obliged to genuflect before it."

According to Mr Stokes letter on the same subject to AD 2000, when a note was left for the priests on the subject by a concerned parishioner, a reply appeared in the sacristy urging 'tolerance'.

Mr Stokes goes on: "The archbishop has been given photos of this outrage, but so far no action has been taken. He has advised that he is looking into the matter, but after several weeks the Buddha is still there."

Unsurprisingly, this is far from being the only problem at St Mary's:

"There is no confessional to be seen, and no confession times seem to be advertised. The confessional was apparently removed some years ago...

It has fortnightly ‘acceptance meetings’ for the Gay and Lesbian Group and weekly meetings for the Gay and Lesbian Choir whose thanks to the parish are noted on the wall of the church. An Eckhart Tolle group meets in the church on Thursdays, according to the parish Mass leaflet. There is Buddhist meditation on Mondays...

At Sunday Mass the people congregate around the priest. According to the Mass leaflet, the people say the Eucharistic Prayer, including the words of consecration, with the priest.
Bulletins have a heading for “Homily”, with someone’s name under it (not always a priest)."

And there's more if you have the stomach for it.

How long can this sort of thing continue unchecked?


Anonymous said...

What on earth is the significance of Buddah ? The PP is obviously a very mixed up nut bag.
Shame on the parishioners for not running him out...but then I read they are involved around the altar !
gee, I thought things were bad here in the south !

Stop the world, I want to get off.


Felix said...

As with the sexual abuse of minors by priests, the primary problem is not with the priest but with the bishop. In this instance, with Archbishop Bathersby.

Of course Benedict XVI won't address this issue, but perhaps the most pastoral thing he could do for the Australian church is to remove a few bishops from their positions.

(Vatican I pointed out that the Popes have been given the power to do this. Why then do they act as though it would be improper for them to do so?)

David said...

Really, I'd be more surprised if these people did something valid, orthodox, and, well, Catholic.

For a laugh at the loony left, it's worth having a look through this parish's web-site. For example, this is their submission to KRudd's 2020 Summit: http://southbrisbane.wordpress.com/submission-to-australia2020-summit/

Too extreme for the Greens? Bob Brown thinks you're a left wing wacko? - Come to South Brisbane! We love Wiccans and Stalinists and the perpetually stoned!

These dear folks propose a "Minister of Happiness and Well-being" who gets a veto on most government policy. Is this a Monty Python sketch? Tee-hee!

They've got other cool heresy, too, books on the "Gospel of Mary Magdelene", books on Eckhart Tolle and Earth as deity, gay spirituality (betcha that one ain't about the struggle for chastity), etc etc. A search for "parish priest" at the site brings up Paul Collins' bio, and there is lotsa stuff about the Bishop too-heretical-for-Cardinal-Mahony. It must also be remembered that these are the folks who can't even baptise validly.

The two priests of the parish have been slagging off at their bishop and the Church for years:


And what gets done? Nothing. If His Grace was going to do anything, it would have occurred when the CDF pointed out that all those baptisms were invalid. But His Grace sat on its hands. I had heard that the priests in question were Religious (in the Canonical sense, of course!) and outside of His Grace's direct jurisdiction (short of expelling their Order) but I haven't been able to confirm this...

Arcbhishop Bathersby is 72 in late July 2008. He can't hit the ol' 7-5 soon enough for me. I have a humble and respectful suggestion for the Holy Father. Since we are praying for the reconciliation of the SSPX, I say we make His Lordship Bishop Williamson Archbishop and Metropolitain of Brisbane. That'll sort 'em out!

Anonymous said...

Why are these concerned parishioners piddling around taking photos and moving the thing to a side table?!!

This is a case where direct action is needed - toss it out the door!

After all, a Buddha can hardly be the property of the Catholic Church can it? It certainly doesn't belong anywhere in a Church.

As there clearly are at least one or two orthodox parishioners left (though how they stand I don't know) perhaps they could deliver the thing to the police to find its rightful owner?

Or to the archbishop as a retirement present?


Terra said...
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Terra said...

I misread your post for a moment their David, and had a moment of hope that his date was this year!

But Cooees from the Cloister have added a couple of other bishops a year or two away from their 75th to their countdown recently, for similar reasons (viz Bishops Robinson and Power), so perhaps they could be persuaded to add one more...

David said...

St Anne's? The Into The Deep article refers to "St Mary's, South Brisbane". The modifications to the Canon of the Mass reproduced there are enough to make one cry and rend one's garments.

Terra said...

Oops, good catch David. Will fix!