Saturday, 26 July 2008

Feast of St Anne, Mother of the BVM

Most of what we know of St Anne (and St Joachim her husband) comes from the perfectly orthodox, but non-canonical Proto evangelium of James, which dates from the second century.

Her story mirrors that of her namesake Hannah and her son Samuel - Anne and her husband were visited by an angel after years of childlessness who told them that they would conceive a child. They promised to dedicate the child to God's service, and Mary was largely brought up in the Temple.

Among many other causes, St Anne is patroness of grandparents.

PS If you are in Sydney, don't forget the Mass at Bondi!


Joshua said...

Any pictures from Bondi? (Only ones that sanctify, of course!)

One of our parishioners, Rosemary, flew over to Sydney for the Mass!

Best wishes, Terra!

Terra said...

I'm hoping so Joshua, I'm on a promise, but they haven't arrived in my inbox as yet! They will go up as soon as they do.

Sounds like the Mass was a great sucess from Perpetua's description over at Juventutem...