Friday, 25 July 2008

Arise o traddie womyn! You too may be called to be a traddie womynpriest...

I've always resisted (well mostly) the urge to post pictures of puppet masses and their ilk, and wondered why trad priests bothered to give sermons on the subject of women priests (unless perhaps to equip us with some apologetics for encounters with acatholic friends). Such things are generally better ignored in my view.

Naively perhaps, I always supposed that there was little danger of traddie women rushing the altar and knocking the priest out of the way in an urge to take over. It seems, however, that I have been gravely mistaken, as this piece from Mulier Fortis indicates that the rot has spread even unto traddiedom:

"....I have been inspired. I feel sure that I am called and chosen... I have a vocation to the ordained priesthood. YES ! I want to become a womynpriest.

BUT... not just any old womynpriest. I like Latin, and snazzy vestments, and I believe in Tradition, and so I am totally convinced that I am called to be a Traddy womynpriest.

So, I have a few questions for my soon-to-be-fellow clerics:

(1) Should I remove my mantilla while being ordained to the Minor Order of exorcist?

(2) Does anyone know whether buckled shoes are available with stiletto heels?

(3) What action should one take when a false nail falls into the chalice after the Consecration? (Ditto for false eyelashes!)

(4) Would a clerical tonsure remove the need to have my roots re-touched?

(5) How can one remove lipstick stains from a purificator?

(6) Are tie-dye stoles obligatory? (because I really prefer embroidered ones!)

(7) Is it permissible to knit when assisting in choir?

I'm sure that there are plenty of issues which need clarification... feel free to add them to the com-box.

UPDATE: It just occurred to me... this "Seal of the Confessional" thing... it doesn't actually apply to really juicy bits of gossip, does it? I mean, what else can one talk about at the monthly parish coffee-and-cake mornings??"

It is a testament to the openness and flexibility of TLM-saying priests that many have offered much helpful advice to take a look at the comments received on her piece, and follow the links to others who have spruiked her piece! Fr Z in particular offers detailed responses to each of her questions that will surely be helpful to anyone else considering this path....

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