Sunday, 6 July 2008


Apologies for the break in transmission folks, several comments made publicly and privately lead to me questioning whether this blog could be a positive force for greater cohesion amongst Australian traditionalists, or was becoming quite the opposite!

I have however pondered the matter and decided to continue, as, notwithstanding my own tendency to be a little too frank and fearless at times, I do think there is a need for Australian traditionalists to know what is happening in our communities, and to connect to the wider Australian and international Church more.

I'm also convinced that there is scope for us all to do more, if only we can talk about where to direct our energies.

For a long time now, I think the traditional communities have tended to operate as little ghettos, cut off from what is happening in the wider Church. There have been good reasons for this in the past, but I think with Summorum Pontificum, the time has come to change that.

For too long, I think, there has been a small group 'in the know' and a larger group who often need to know. The demise of the Ecclesia Dei Society and absence of any replacement has left something of a gap, making it hard for most to know what is happening around the country. A blog is potentially a good medium for filling that gap.

And I think there is room for more debate on the Australian news stories of the day -though at the moment I haven't time to move into this niche in any substantial way (but if someone else is interested in becoming a co-contributor, let me know!).

So I'm back up and running, and here to stay, and welcome comments and feedback, either on the blog directly, or via email (

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