Thursday, 12 June 2008

Sabotage! UK Liberals Strike Back

If you have been following events in the UK, you will know that the bishops there have not exactly welcomed Summorum Pontificum - in fact many have been doing their utmost best to see that it remains a dead letter.

So someone started an online petition to the bishops, asking for a more generous response.

But now an attempt has been made to sabotage the petition, filling it up with anti-trad comments, and even worse, parodies of the trad position so extreme as to completely undermine it. You can read more about all of this at Holy Smoke.

Two things particularly strike me about this. The first is the obvious - the lengths the liberals or 'sandalistas' as Mr Thompson has dubbed them, will go to is surely extraordinary.

The second is that this illustrates just how much the internet is emerging as the new battleground.

On this second point, while you are over at Holy Smoke, read Damian Thommpson's piece on the creation of a 'virtual caliphate' for Britain - it is scary stuff.

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