Sunday, 29 June 2008

Recent posts of interest

Just a reminder of some recent posts that may be of interest:

On evangelising using the TLM and the bishops' pastoral letter:

On welcoming visitors to the Mass
On getting new people to the TLM
Showing our joy
Can Gregorian chant be revived?
The health benefits of Gregorian chant
Pastoral Letter: Will you be my witnesses?
Countering congregationalism
Catholic Mass attendance in Australia
Facing Islam

On bringing back traditional practices and disciplines

On minimalism
The Eucharistic Fast
Celebrate Holy Days of Obligation on their actual days!
Kneeling for communion
Kneeling, the pallium and more

The age of the laity?

Why we need nuns
The spirit of Vatican II history of the laity
Is there such a thing as laity spirituality?

Political correctness gone mad

Sorry, you've used up your allocation of Carbon. Die now.
O Canada
Tony Blair's think tank

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