Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Past posts of interest...on the TLM and the NO

A reader suggested that I do a Fr Z style pointer to past posts that you may have missed given that I tend to write rather long posts, making going back to find older ones a bit of an effort....

Rather than pointing to everything tht might be of interest in one go, I thought I might do this thematically. So to start off with, working through some issues to do with the liturgy raised by the return of the TLM to the mainstream.

Calendar reform

The most recent installment was sparked by some comments of Cardinal Castillon, suggesting that where holy days of obligation have been shifted to the Sunday, traddies will have to do likewise - And now for the bad news...

And for some previous context, the saga started here, with the news that the English bishops had sought a ruling on celebrating Holy Days shifted to Sundays: On bishops, calendars, and b****s

Continued here, with Give us back our feast days

And included some suggestions on what to do about it in more on calendar reform.

A poignant side note comes with the story of Pope Paul VI realising what he had done when he abolished the Octave of Pentecost....On octaves.

Altar girls

The cancelled Cardiff Traditional Latin Mass and some commentary on it, when the locals insisted on a woman in the sanctuary ....Cardiff Mass and related matters

And just so everyone is prepared next time around, the state of the law on the subject of who serves at the altar: More on altar girls

Kneeling to receive on the tongue

There have been noises from people with Vatican connections all year suggesting that the practice of kneeling and receiving on the tongue should come back into vogue. The Australian bishops have been trying to move us in the opposite direction, introducing new rubrics around bowing. Then, on Corpus Christi, the Pope set the example...

A guide to your rights on the subject - Your right to kneel

The situation in Australia - On kneeling for communion

A suggestion for a campaign....A campaign against communion in the hand...

And for a little humour, as well as some useful information on which knee is which...more on knees and kneeling.

And on restoring the sense of the sacred in the novus ordo liturgy

Read Archbishop Coleridge's pastoral letter on the liturgy and cheer yourself up!

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