Saturday, 28 June 2008

O Canada....

I have a soft spot for Canada.

It always seems, superficially at least, kind of like Australia except with a lot more snow.

It has some spectacular scenary.

And I used to like their line of slightly off-kilter cult tv shows (think Forever Knight, Highlander, Seeing Things, La Femme Nikita, etc).

I must admit I had always assumed the excessive politeness thing (remember the constantly apologising Mountie in Due South) was partly an attempt at differentiation from the roughnecks over the border, and partly a device necessary to prevent Quebec from declaring independence.

The problem is, when you push the cult of niceness to its logical extremes, you get the madness currently erupting in this sometime outpost of the British Commonwealth. Like:

  • priests teaching on sins like the practice of homosexuality being dragged in front of a tribunal with a hundred percent conviction rate, and thus likely to incur huge fines under the Human Rights Act;
  • the Catholic bishop of Chicoutimi who apparently doesn't think the Pope has any jurisdiction in his diocese; and

  • twelve year old children successfully taking their parents to court for having the audacity to ground them, on which see Acts of Apostasy!
On this last I can only assume that the Canadians are intent on taking the South Park song a little too literally:

"Our kids are getting worse. They won't obey their parents. They just want to fart and curse!Should we blame the government? Or blame society? Or should we blame the images on TV? No, blame Canada Blame Canada...."

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Anonymous said...

Actually, I loved Seeing Things. Very gentle and amusijng. It is very sad that such a wonderful country is indeed taking niceness to extremes. Perhaps it is, in part, yet another means of differentiating itself from what Canadians perceive as their madly bellicose, unyeidlingly Red Necked Bush-ite neighbour to the south.....Canadians, in a general sort of way, were never very partial to the US as I recall.