Sunday, 1 June 2008

New Oriens magazine

I've been meaning to mention for a while now that the latest edition of Oriens Magazine (April-June 2008) is out.

Oriens is an Australian journal that has been going for more than twelve years now, and was recently relaunched as the journal of the Oriens Foundation. Its mission is 'nothing less than the restoration of our Western cultural heritage - a heritage that cannot have life except through contact with the great liturgical tradition of the Roman Church'.

It has certainly been influential - its articles seem to regularly make reappearances in various traddie forums on the net.

The conversion of England - and Australia?

The latest edition features as its lead an article on Fr Aidan Nichols new book, The Realm: An Unfashionable Essay on the Conversion of England , which calls for a fresh commitment to the reconversion to the faith of England.

The essential issue, the editorial argues, is the loss of sense of mission on the part of members of the Church:

"The problem is not, however, the hedonistic Brit or the flinty Muslim soul. The problem is that Western Catholics do not believe any more in the missionary call of the Church....The "impossibility" on which Catholic missionary activity has impaled itself during the last fifty years arises...from within Catholics themselves and, from want of faith, by getting ensnared in a tangle of cloudily conceived ideas around religious freedom, ecumenism, and inter-religious dialogue."

Just War and much more

Other articles in this edition discuss reactions to the recent changes to the Good Friday prayer for the Jews; the monastery of Flavigny, whose monks recently conducted retreats in Australia; the application of Just War Doctrine to revolutions, guerrilla or terrorist campaigns, and counterinsurgency actions; the experience of Lent in Oman; and Old Testament connections to the feast of Pentecost; and much more.

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