Tuesday, 17 June 2008

More coverage of the Westminister Mass

There are a ton of great photos of the Westminister Mass now available on the UK traditional catholic site, but for some reason they don't want to download into my system properly, so you will have to go there to take a look.

Cardinal Castillon's comments on the spread of the TLM everywhere have also made the Australian media - well the Sydney Morning Herald anyway - with a reaction of caution from the Sydney Archdiocese according to the Sydney Morning Herald:

"Father Peter Williams, the executive secretary of the Australian Bishops' Commission for Liturgy, said yesterday that he had received no formal decree from the Vatican specifying that the Tridentine Rite be celebrated in parishes.

The widespread use of a traditional Mass would depend on the competence of local priests to celebrate it, the desire of parishioners to celebrate it, and even the architecture of churches to accommodate the ceremonial aspects of the rite.

It may take years for seminaries to introduce a training program to produce priests well versed in the Tridentine Mass.

"The cardinal's job is to promote the 1962 Missal [the old Latin Mass] so we would expect him to be painting the issue with broad brush strokes," Father Williams said."

The story doesn't seem to have made any of the other Australian major newspapers.

Perhaps the Australian and News Ltd felt it would create too much cognitive dissonance given their story on Saturday about a parish priest refusing to use the mass composed for the Pope's visit because it contains some Latin...I do so hope that someone has alerted this guy to the Cardinal's comments!

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