Thursday, 26 June 2008

The latest on the SSPX deal....

Fr Z has translated some more contextual material on the negotiations withe SSPX, from Andreas Tornelli. In particular, the conditions are directed at Bishop Fellay:

"Above all these conditions were not posed to the Lefevbrites in general, but precisely to their Superior, that is, the same Bp. Fellay.

In conversations he manifests the will to dialogue, but then he writes and agrees with very harsh attacks on the Pope.

The five conditions are therefore a preliminary step to begin the journey that will lead to the revocation of the excommunication.

Central to this is the point dedicated to the fact that the SSPX, and its superiors, give the impression to feel themselves superior to the Pontiff himself, to judge him from above, as if the SSPX were the "true" Church and the "true" Rome, and the Catholic Church lead by Benedict XVI was a separated group that has to reenter in full communion with Econe and Menzingen.

The truth, unfortunately, is that there are by now stratified attitudes and positions (some comments on the preceding post demonstrate this is true) which make make recognizing this given dimension difficult: the Lefebvrites are not the true Church, the true Catholic Church is that which is in communion with Benedict XVI.

Never before as in this moment is the Pontiff’s generous pastoral heart, through the mediation of Card. Castrillon, open to reconciliation. But it is the SSPX that must return to the sheepfold about the schismatic act of illicit consecrations by Lefebvre, and not the Holy See that must ask pardon of the Lefebvrites."

He also reports some indications that Bishop Fellay is seriously considering the matter, and not rejecting it out of hand (as might have been inferred from his previous comments on the subject).

Keep praying.

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