Monday, 2 June 2008

Kudos to Senator Brandis - Same Sex Legislation

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Senator George Brandis is threatening to delay legislation removing discrimination against gay couples in about 100 areas of Federal law, such as the right to share superannuation benefits:

Brave man taking on such a powerful lobby!

If it gets sent to a committee, it will be voted on by the new Senate rather than the current make-up of that august body (OK, so I always liked former Prime Minister Paul Keating's description of them as 'unrepresentative swill'. But they will be slightly less unrepresentative after September when the new Senators take office - though of course who knows what they will do on an issue like this...).

The problem is of course that Australian law has already moved so far down the 'anti-discrimination' path, treating 'de facto' couples as if they were married, for example, that drawing a line in the sand here can look a little arbitrary to the secular observer. But you have to start somewhere. And asserting that treating people as couples rather than individuals should have at least some connection to the possibility of reproduction seems like a good place to start.

Go Brandis Go!

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