Monday, 16 June 2008

The difference a year makes: an invitation

The first anniversary of Summorum Pontificum occurs in a few weeks, and so I'd like to issue an invitation: tell me what difference you think it has made to you personally, and/or to your community.

In my other entry for today, I've highlighted some reflections by Jeffrey Tucker of the NLM on this topic, which I think are very thought provoking.

I'm a great believer in learning from the past, particularly as a means of reflecting on where we have to go. Should we all just be happy, for example, that our masses are now relatively entrenched, and that the availability of the TLM is slowly spreading? Or is there more we could do?

And so I'd like to challenge my fellow bloggers to include their pieces on their own blogs, and perhaps co-ordinate by emailing me so we can post cross-links for 7/7/08 and perhaps following days if there is enough material. And I'd like to invite my readers who don't have their own blogs, particularly Australian readers, to send me any contributions that I can post here. Several people from the same city is fine, different perspectives may well be of interest!

I'd be particularly interested in capturing the history of the last year in Australia - the big masses in Cathedrals, for example, the new masses added - and the disappointments, the struggles still going on if people are willing to share. Maybe this is also a good time to capture some of the history behind the establishment of the TLM in your city, or how you personally became 'attached' to it.

I'd like to know if attendance numbers at your masses has increased or decreased.

If you've had a more sympathetic hearing from other catholics than you previously received.

Or if nothing has really changed at all!

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