Thursday, 26 June 2008

And thick and fast they came at last...

Many (myself included) have whinged about the slow speed at which reform seemed to be happening. But the pace is definitely picking up!

Apart from the SSPX moves, consider these statements (of one kind or another) by or on behalf of the Pope in the last week:

  • kneeling will now be the norm for papal masses Fr Z reports from an interview with Mgr Marini;
  • the old style papal pallium - the product of centuries of organic development - will replace the antiquarian revival of the ancient pallium that has been used of late - see the New Liturgical Movement;
  • a papal homily stating that 'The Mass is not a meal among friends. It is a mystery of the covenant...'

Some of these are small things in themselves.

But the rationale and logic behind them make big statements.

A few prayers for the Pope, in addition to the prayers you are saying for the SSPX (the NLM is suggesting a rosary for each of the next three days) would definitely be in order I think!

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David said...

I wonder how long it will take for the ACBC and the diocesan chanceries to catch up with this news. Ahhh the ACBC, where it's always 1976, the nuns are in polyester pants suits, and about half the bishops wear flares...

I'm also wondering (with no small amount of trepidation) what the WYD mass will be like. I don't think that we will see much reverence at that particular Papal Mass. Of course, Juventutem will be there to show them how it is done, but I suspect that the abuses will abound...

Oh well...back to the rosary for me...pray it in Latin, folks, it's good for the soul!